Manu Francois

Manu rings me from Paradise Studios, Christchurch, on a Sunday afternoon.

My phone answers, but it’s currently buried inside a rat cage, filming three very energetic rodents carefully washing each other. I can hear his voice, however the rats seem to want to talk to him themselves, so I leave it to them for a few more seconds.

His track “When You’re Away” has just come through on our email hotline, and it’s a SMASHER. Written in collab LIPSKI along with “Free Bird”, these tracks are the newest addition to our Paddock Radio playlist.

Manu Francois has managed to nail the soulful, summery sounds, writing hook after hook on top of LIPSKI’s weighty, crafted beats, and we definitely think these guys are a hit factory. Keep your ears open for a new release coming soon featuring his brother, Mongstar, and rumour has it they’re building up to an album later this year.